Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Forward

One of the annual rituals in the US that kinda makes life go slower or faster... at least for a day... is the daylight savings time. In fall the nation falls backward by one hour... all the clocks are reset one hour backward on on particular day (First Sunday of November). Then three months the clocks run an hour slower through the cold winter months only to get reset one hour ahead at the beginning of Spring (Second Sunday of March).

I really wonder why such a big deal is made about this daylight savings considering that the number of hours in a day does not change irrespective of the season. It only increases or decreases one hour on that particular day. This is the way the US has decided to handle daylight savings.... Till I came here I had not heard about this concept at all. I may have studied about it in my high-school geography... I don't remember any of it, anyway.

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