Tuesday, March 02, 2010

March Madness

Two months up in the year and it seems like the new year started yesterday. Time flies and as you get older times seems to pass faster, this is not my opinion but that of experts. I heard on NPR (National Public Radio) a few weeks ago that recently scientists have discovered that as we get older our brain gets slower. Apparently the capacity of the brain to read time and process its passage gradually recedes and this is why the older we get time seems to fly faster.

It is indeed an interesting theory the speakers on the show propagated. They suggested that as we grow older the number of uniquely different experiences become lesser and as such we forget day to day activities. They say that when we experience something unique for example, the first kiss, will be remembered for far longer than the 10th or the 100th....

I somewhat tend to agree with them but I think there is more to this than just memory and perception. I am pretty sure there is more to it and researchers will come up with newer theories on this subject. Like they say only time can answer these questions.

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