Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Surprising Rule Passed in a Muslim-Majority Nation

I came across an interesting and quite surprising news item online. The headline "Uzbekistan orders sterilization, group alleges - The Boston Globe" drew me to read the short piece.

I am totally surprised that a Muslim-majority country has dared to pass a law to control population. At the same time I am quite happy too, that someone somewhere is taking steps to stem the population explosion that is threatening the very existence of life on earth. I hope the law will not be repealed because of pressure from human rights, and other groups.

This is a necessary law across the world, specially so in countries where culture/ religious beliefs proscribe population control. Along with legislation the government should also partner with grassroots level non-profits to advocate the benefits of having a small family and educate the masses about the perils of population explosion.

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