Friday, April 02, 2010

Hinduism Summit at Chicago

The Forum for Hindu Awakening is conducting a Hinduism Summit from April 24, 2010 at Chicago, IL. The aim of this summit according to the organizers is to "promote an understanding about the unique science behind Hinduism concepts and practices, and provide practical guidance on living Hinduism...."

One of the good results of living in a foreign country for Hinduism is that Hindus here are willing to come to a common platform forgetting their caste, region, heritage, guru, philosophy, etc and discuss the religion in general.

Unfortunately in India though a Hindu-majority nation, this kind of summits are rarely held and even when they are conducted they tend to be dismissed as some "RSS-type event" and touted as a "Hindu Fundamentalist event" by the mainstream left-inspired media. Caste based and narrow group based events are encouraged across the country.

Luckily in the US a new Hindu Awakening is possible and hopefully all Hindus will come together as one strong group rather than weak fragments. I will not be attending this event in person but will get updates on the web and keep myself informed.

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