Saturday, September 24, 2011

Switching to Straight Talk is a Wise Thing to do!

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

I recently decided to change my cellphone service. I am tired of contracts, that make me feel like I am in a prison with the most unpleasant characters. I wanted a phone service that is reliable, affordable, and without contract. I found my answer in Straight Talk. When I came to know about the great rates and that there was no contracts I fell for it Hook, line and sinker.

In my opinion the first and foremost benefit of switching to Straight Talk: cost cutting. I already feel richer when I realize that I'd be cutting my cellphone costs by nearly half. I would be saving a tremendous amount of money in a year's time. I can Call a friend and talk to him all night long without worrying about the bill. The savings could pay for a short holiday, for a brand new laptop computer, for some kitchen stuff, or whatever I choose to spend it on. This kind of savings without an iota of compromise in terms of service and offerings. I simply love this idea of switching to Straight Talk.

Another great feature of Straight Talk, they are not gonna run your credit and they still provide the same excellent nationwide coverage. The cool thing about Straight Talk is that they use only trusted phone manufacturers for their hardware requirements. Phones from LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung are offered with their awesome cellphone service. There are an array of Android on Straight Talk phones that support . So don't wait for too long, sign up today.

You can sign up for a monthly plan that offers 1,000 minutes of voice, 1,000 texts and a 30mb data plan. Or take up the monthly unlimited service for just $45. Feeling like saving more sign up for a year and it is only $499.00. You can talk, text, and browse the internet for a whole year for only $499.00.

Now that is what I call a bargain. And when I came to know that even 411 calls are included in this scheme I felt delighted. If you are frustrated by the big corporations that make you sign contracts, but are not sure of switching yet. Watch the videos of Straight Talk customers and you will be convinced.

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