Thursday, September 22, 2011


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Transformation happens....

When the orange glow of sun breaks the darkness of the night
When winter snow is melted by the rays of the spring sun
When trees sprout fresh green leaves after winter hibernation
When the summer heat is cooled by the freezing winter blizzard
When the enslaved masses are empowered and attain freedom
When a young couple come together and make a home
When a poor family can afford a home of their own
When there is no one cheats in this world that we call our home

Will this day arrive?
Will I be around to see that day?

When I look inside my soul tells me:
"Don't wait for the day to arrive!
You  have the power to make it happen!"

So my friends don't wait for someone to start a movement for the better!
Be the change you want to see in the world and you will see that the world will change in front of your eyes.

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sowmya said...

nice one! :) keep writing & smiling always