Friday, September 30, 2011

Three Different Birds - one common location

We say India is a land where unity in diversity exists, but I think this concept is borrowed from nature. Once I heard someone say that "According to Charles Darwin it is survival of the fittest and competition in nature. I believe there is cooperation also in nature." Of course that person was talking about mixed agriculture/ cultivation of fruit trees of different species alongside each other. In this post I'd like to present three pictures shot at Santa Cruz Beach in California. The first one is of sea gulls that fly in and out of the ocean hunting for fish and live on the rocks and hills close to the beach. The next one is of pigeons which I am sure were introduced to this place by someone, these thrive on handouts from benevolent people who come and drop off corn, rice and other grains for them to feast on. Then there are the crows and ravens which thrive off the garbage, they are the scavengers of nature. Without crows it would be difficult for 100% natural degradation of wastes. Anyway I thought it was interesting that these three species live in the same space they don't compete with each other for food and sustenance. They all live in harmony without fighting... I wish we humans learned to live like that.

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