Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Englishmen Caught Trying to Steal: Of course what else can you expect from the British

I skim over some news websites daily and read articles that catch my interest. I am interested in everything from politics to finance to sports to gender issues to music to movies and everything else. I came across an article on the online edition of Times of India titled "British firm's bid to patent ginger foiled" and naturally I wanted to read more. A decade ago Indian government had slumbered while greedy westerners had attempted to patent rice, turmeric and other items that were grown and consumed in India for thousands of years. Only after a public outcry did the somnolent government move to protest.

This time around the government has surprisingly taken a pro-active stand and protested Nicholas John Larkins attempt to patent the medicinal properties of Ginger in fighting cough and cold. The application for patent was filed in 2006 and it has taken over half a dozen years for the UK Patent office to come to the decision to reject it. I am glad that Indian government is taking some proactive action at least now. I am pretty sure it is some patriotic bureaucrat sitting in Delhi taking action and not the politicians.

After feeling the initial rush of pleasure I reflected on the issue a little bit. First off the article in Times of India is just about 200-250 words. This kind of a victory for India should be highlighted in big bold letters and detailed coverage should be given. By showcasing victories of our nation the media will promote national pride and patriotism amongst its readers. I don't think that is the intentino of TOI, the newspaper is there to make money. If there were any anti-Indian newsreport that would have been highlighted - I am pretty sure of that.

Then comes the audacity of the British firm which tried to STEAL. Well what else can you expect from the English? As a nation they stole from the rest of the world for a long time and even to this date they refuse to return stolen artefacts to the owner nations. Britain is a nation built on the soild foundations of blood and lives of innocent people from every part of the world. There is a saying in Kannada which translates to "The trait one is born with will not disappear even after the person is burned (dead)". This saying when it comes to the trait of stealing is so true for British and they have just proved it once again.

The days when they stole physical wealth from different nations across the world is over. Now they are trying to steal intellectual property and ancient knowledge from developing countries like India. I hope they will now learn a lesson and stop attempting to steal ancient knowledge from others. Instead they can try to create new knowledge by investing in original research.

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