Thursday, January 05, 2012

My Best Friend

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My blessings give me
Lots more than I think I deserve
And best of all of them is
the blessing of a best friend...

A friend who is there
During sorrow more than joy
A friend who will do everything
Just to see me smile

A friend who knows without asking
If I am in the depths of sorrow
Or if I am confused out of wits
Or if I swimming in disturbed waters

My life is happy and comfortable
Thanks to my family and job
But thanks to you - my dear friend
my life is more enjoyable


Anonymous said...

yes, that's true for me too....I am blessed with the 'bestest' of friends..who forever lives in my heart and thoughts...

Thank you for writing such a beautiful and touching poem...

wishing you a great year ahead

soniachtan said...

Good to see your blog. When I was opening I thought its on Bangalore only. Nice that you are sharing your views. Very beautiful poem. Carry on this good work.
Kalka to Shimla