Friday, July 13, 2012

Crazy or Stupid or Plain Idealistic - I don't understand

The Fort Hood Massacre by US Army psychiatrist Major Nidal Hassan made headlines across the country several months ago. Then there was a lull as the army decided to investigate the case and court martial Hassan. Meanwhile he was placed in a military prison in solitary confinement.

This morning I read a news item titled  Juror bias worries Hasan’s legal team which elucidates that the legal team appointed to defend the renegade ex-soldier's religion will have an adverse effect on the case. My first reaction was of shock, which soon transformed into outrage and then frustration not only with the media for publishing such a news item but also about the army lawyer who is stating such.

In my opinion a nation's most important citizens are the soldiers - those who defend the borders, followed by the police - who maintain peace in the civil society and then comes everyone else. This man who belonged to the first group turned his guns on his colleagues and killed 13 soldiers in cold blood. There should be no doubt about what he did and how it will impact the society. I don't care if he is a Muslim or Christian or Jew the fact is that he killed soldiers who are the protective arm of this great nation. He should be brought to justice and given the highest punishment that he deserves.

Instead of urging the jury to pass the most severe judgement these lawyers are worried about the murderer? I simply don't understand. I just hope the jurors will take the right decisions and pronounce the appropriate judgement.

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