Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Diwali 2012

Diwali decoration
Diwali decoration (Photo credit: Piyush's Space)
Diwali is here like every year. This year is the same as it was since I moved to the US but it is different too. The difference being I almost forgot it was Diwali today. I kinda remembered that it is sometime now but didn't know it was today. Anyway for someone like me whose entire life revolves around non-Hindus and almost all interactions are with people who are not even aware of this festival, it is just any other day.

I wonder how other Hindus are celebrating the festival of lights across the world. It is funny that when I was in India I looked forward to this very festival because I wanted the holiday from work to go out and enjoy. Here there are no holidays to look forward to. I set my own timings and days to work and I can take off whenever I want to and of course whenever my circumstances allow me to.

Anyway enough of my rambling... go ahead and enjoy the Diwali with family and friends instead of browsing the internet.
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