Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans Day in America

One thing that the rest of the world must learn from Americans is the way they respect their soldiers and celebrate their leaders. Today is veterans day and every news channel, media outlet, school, college, government department, and private entity is talking about it. There have been thousands of events across the country to honor veterans and thank their families. This kind of adulation and respect naturally attracts young men and women of this country to want to serve their nation and make it great.

Today I was listening to a radio program on KERA in which a veteran was being interviewed. His only message to all the citizens was not to just thank a veteran today but to ask them for a story. In short the speaker urged citizens to make a veterans day by asking them to tell a story of their service days.

Anyone will feel good when others show an interest in their life and story. Especially so if one has fought a war and placed their health and life at risk. I wish every nation in the world celebrated their fighting soldiers the same way.

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