Sunday, April 21, 2013

Terrorists Families in Denial

One of the two Boston Bombers have been captured and the other killed but some of their family members are in denial and have vehemently denied their involvement. The most common statements from the family members include: "They could not have done it. There is no evidence," aunt. Then the father said "someone framed them," another uncle said "I don't believe this" The mother insists that it was a frame up. Then someone else was quoted in the media saying that America radicalized them, etc.

I see a very typical pattern in all these quotes. Blame the victim which is a characteristic of Islamic terrorism. They perpetrate heinous acts and blame the victim. Even in non terror incidents this is how it works. We can recall the gang rape of a Saudi woman few years ago. When the victim complained the court inflicted punishment on the woman and let the men go scot free. This is sad but that is mostly how it works.

The world needs to wake up to this reality and deal with such people.

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