Sunday, August 04, 2013

Justice delayed is Justice Denied... well almost...

I have been following the case of Major Nidal Hassan the Muslim American army officer who turned his gun on his colleagues because they were fighting against Muslims in the middle east. To me and rest of the members of the public the case looks very straight forward. Nidal killed and injured army staff, the people who are hired to protect the nation. There are enough witnesses, and a confession too. It should be easy to put him to death and finish the case. But, US army is not finding it so easy, they think the case is complicated and continue to hold Nidal in prison and pay him his official salary. New reports that have emerged indicate that it may be impossible to put Nidal to death.

Looks like the American Justice system is stumbling along unsure of what to do. Few years ago India experienced one of the most deadly terrorist attacks and one Pakistani citizen was captured alive and his trail also took a long time but ultimately he was put to death by hanging. I wonder if that is a good enough precedent for America to follow. It is time the members of the slain service members families get the justice they deserve and the deceased souls rest in peace. Enough of paying taxpayers dollars to a traitor.

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