Thursday, December 26, 2013

Internal Affair = International Politics

Japan and China have been having a little tussle over a few pieces of rock in the ocean. Of course other countries including the US are either too scared to interfere or just want to watch the fun as two major economies fight. Anyway it is interesting to see how a small action from a Japanese Prime Minister can evoke reactions from everyone.
Recently Japanese Prime Minister visited a Shinto Shrine in Tokyo. The shrine honors Japan's War Heroes. The PM visited the shrine for 15 minutes and paid his respects to those who laid down lives in defense of their nation. A gesture that is extended by every head of state, like Indian leaders visit the Memorial of Mahatma Gandhi, American Presidents visit the Arlington Memorial Cemetery, etc. 
I don't know why such a tiny incident has evoked the ire of both China and Korea who are denouncing the visit. The fact is that some of those buried in the shrine are international war criminals too. It doesn't matter what outsiders think of them, the rest of the people buried there are war heroes and nobody should stop anyone from paying respects to them.
It is amazing how China is trying to flex its muscle and control the world. Today they have gotten together with their small neighbor Korea to denounce Japan's action. I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow they get together with England and denounce the actions of Indian Prime Minister when he/ she visits the Jallianwala Bagh.
Times are getting tougher and tougher internationally. I wonder if it getting closer to the next World War??

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