Saturday, December 28, 2013

Marketing Motorcycles to Women

Business are created to grow the investment of their principals and grow profits. It is quite common to see businesses to use various tactics to increase revenue by improving sales. The recent economic downturn in the US has made it highly difficult for lifestyle companies to peddle their products.

The manufacturer of the iconic motorcycle Harley Davidson experienced the brunt of the flagging economy in the form of downward spiral of their revenues. During and after the recent downturn multiple research reports pointed to the fact that most of the people who lost jobs and livelihoods were men. Some researchers went as far as to suggest that it was a "Man-cession" and not a "Recession".
Anyway, Emoji Harley Davidson has now evolved a unique strategy to target those who kept their jobs and hence money during the downturn and are now ready to indulge in their desires - Women. Recently the motorcycle manufacturer commissioned a research study that quite expectedly proved that "Women who ride motorcycles are more confident, happier, and extremely satisfied with their appearance" when compared to their non-riding counterparts.
Indeed a nice sales pitch, Emoji I would say to push the sales of the motorcycle and entice more women to join the groups of motorcycle riders that dot American highways.
Will it Succeed Emoji ? Only time will tell!!!

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