Friday, January 17, 2014

ISI Strikes again at those who can't fight back!!!

ISI has struck again, this time it is against a civilian and that too a woman. Sunanda Pushkar wife of Congress minister Shashi Tharoor was found dead in a hotel room in New Delhi yesterday morning. As described in media reports, the death has taken place under "Mysterious circumstances" and all fingers are pointing at the husband Shashi Tharoor who, it seems has not had luck with matrimony. Pushkar was his third wife per media reports.

According to media reports, it seems like Tharoor had already had enough with the third wife and is actively pursuing a fourth - this time he is allegedly sleeping with the enemy. Reports are rife that Tharoor has an active liaison with a particular Pakistani Journalist. It is important to note that the late Pushkar had accused the Pakistani media person to be an ISI agent and the reason she was with Tharoor was to get inside info to supply to her bosses. Now not long after the accusation Pushkar has been killed.

The sudden turn of events, make it seem quite obvious that there is a foreign hand, particularly ISI agents and/ or other Pakistan affiliated terrorists. Pakistan is known to use covert and below the belt techniques to attack its arch enemy - India. This is just another way to further infiltrate the already compromised Central government of India.

It is unfortunate that most media outlets don't see it this way. Of course the ruling Congress government doesn't want to even think about this death or the ramifications it has on the future of our country. They are busy in creating a drama about their chosen prime ministerial candidate.

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