Monday, March 03, 2008

Hiking in Point Lobos (cont'd....)

Hiking trail ascent via steps Whalers cove is more like a car park and place for people to have lunch sitting along the sea. Wanting to get out of the civilisation and cars we headed up the steep flight of stairs towards the forest on a well marked trail. Actually the hiking trails are fenced with polymer ropes to prevent hikers from moving out of the path into the forest. It felt constricted and like traffic rules on the road, but well in America everything is enforced and one better follow rules, even if it is in the middle of the forest.
Not a great pic, if you notice closely there is a seagull
We climbed up the steep slopes and were rewarded by the fantastic vista of the white foamy ocean. As we walked through the thick forest which kept the afternoon sun away, we could hear the sound of the surf as it ruthlessly ran into the rocks far below. Noticing the beautiful scenery and keeping a watchful eye out to sight any wildlife we walked along the trail.
Beautiful rock formations in the sea
that is me guys, click to see Graffiti and carving on benches is common in California
As we rounded a bend in the trail we came face to face with couple of a deer grazing on the grass. Hearing us approach they looked up and gave a cursory glance and went back to their grazing. I was wonderstruck at their familiarity with human beings. Or is that they know that we wouldn't go off the trail in their pursuit. I don't know. It is peaceful, quiet and beautiful. No wonder people from California find it difficult to live anywhere else in the US.

I would compare Bangalore with California, we don't have two things that California has. The roaring sea and the excellent road network, apart from these two features, Bangalore has great weather and wonderful trekking and outdoor places much akin to California.
beautiful sea, wish I were in a raft amidst the azure waters

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