Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Monterey Bay and Big Sur Highway

To reach Monterey One has to travel through this tunnel
Driving through the tunnel to reach Monterey Bay

After hiking around Point Lobos and enjoying the stark beauty of coastal rock formations and lush green forests, we drove towards the Monterey Bay, famous for its mega aquarium. Sited on the Big Sur Highway which snakes along the coast of California, Monterey Bay is a quaint little town dependent on tourism. It's antiquity is obvious when one passes through its narrow one-way roads and parking is at a premium. The cheapest parking available costs $5 for a day, other parking lots charge something like $0.50 for every half an hour. We didn't visit the aquarium because it was late (4.00 pm) by the time we reached there. The aquarium closes at 6.00 pm and according to Padma it takes at least 6-7 hours to take a look at the numerous aquatic beauties displayed inside.
Sea view from Monterey Bay
Driving on the Big Sur highway was like a dream come true for me. When I had reviewed the book AMA's Ride Guide to America, the Big Sur had been my favourite chapter. As we drove through the scenic route that hugs the California coast, we enjoyed stunning vistas of rugged sea cliffs and the music of the crashing surf of Pacific ocean.

The tranquil surroundings and clear skies made me long to camp there for couple of days, but time was not in our favour and we had to return back to our hosts home for the night. In my opinion a ride/ drive along the Big Sur is a worthy escape from the daily grind, the beautiful landscapes and panoramic sea views are a bonus to our city sore eyes. Stopping at a few places along the highway we climbed on the coastal rock formations and went as close to the roaring sea as it was possible. Took pictures of the sea gulls which flew along in thousands.
Sea gulls on rocks
Close up of the bird in the sea

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