Monday, March 03, 2008

More about Santa Cruz Beach

I felt that some more information ought to be given and some more sights shown to you guys before I sign off from Santa Cruz beach and head towards the Big Sur highway and Monterey Bay. Well one of the most alluring features of Santa Cruz beach for adventure lovers is also the most dangerous. This is the only beach where I saw signboards for who has the right of way in the sea too.

The sea is pretty rough here and the coastline is mostly rocky and quite dangerous. According to a sign board nearly 100 surfers have had fatal accidents in this area. All along the coastline there are numerous staircases from the road leading into the water, to the place where the waves come and welcome the surfers into their adventurous highs and lows. All along the sea there is a long walking path where it is common place to see people walking, jogging, cycling etc. Some people even just sit on the park benches and stare into the wide and beautiful azure oceanic expanses. Friends and family of deceased surfers have installed memorials in the form of benches, flags etc along the walk way. The state-owned tiny, one-room Surfing Museum is an interesting spot to visit if one is interested in the history and dangers of surfing in Santa Cruz beach.
Bench installed in dead Surfer's memory
Surfing Museum, small and informative
I met this wave surfer who was just getting to hit the waves and shot a series of pictures as he prepared and started off his sojourn into the sea.

Ready to get into the water Getting the first feel Slow and steady Launching off on the surfboard Not enough force yet Waiting for the wave Is this the wave? No... In the high seas, awaiting higher waves

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