Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cleaning up natural habitats

My friend is part of this unique group known as Clean and Green which is working towards cleaning up natural public places, mountainsides and wildlife sanctuaries along the river Cauvery.

Their modus operandi is simple and straightforward. They get together go to the place equipped with trash bags and enthusiasm, collect all the plastic waste they can find lying around polluting the forests and bring it back to the city for safe disposal. While they are there they also try to educate local and visiting population about the importance of cleanliness and civic sense.

Their Goal: Cleaner environment, conserving forests and maintaining sanctity of river banks.

They have done 13 Trips in so far for cleaning up various locations - parterning with the Forest Department to arrive a long term, self sustainable model.

A group worthy of emulating in all places across the world.

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