Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Remembering the Wild visit to San Franscisco

I visited San Franscisco during February 2008 and travelling alone by public transport, trains, buses, walking etc was an invigorating experience indeed. With $100 in my pocket and a full day to explore the vibrant, crowded city of San Franscisco, I set off by Caltrain towards my destination. I was deposited in the San Franscisco station in 45 minutes and now the adventure started.

This was my first visit to this city and I really didn't know anyone or anything. I had no idea about the various things to do in San Francisco. All I knew was about the Golden Gate bridge, the Alcatraz and of course I had heard about China Town. Armed with this limited knowledge I got out of the train and walked out of the railway station into the crowded city streets.

As I walked along the main thoroughfares not knowing where to go or what to do, I remembered my visit to Los Angeles. During that tour I had taken time to learn about things to do in Los Angeles and had a great time pubbing, clubbing and hiking. After some walking around in the back roads of San Franscisco, I found a bus which would take me to the Golden Gate bridge.

As I explored the Golden Gate area, I walked across the green acres, the old fort ruins through the under ground passages, the bastians and the walled city area I was thrilled to see the azure oceans and savoured the cool breeze. I wish the weather was warmer so I could have had a dip in the ocean's blue waters. I wanted to see but lack of proper information prevented me from exploring the city completely.

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