Saturday, May 17, 2008

Images of Western America

I landed in the US in October 2007 at the west coast, Los Angeles to be precise. From Los Angeles to Texas, I have come a long way and it seems as if my exploration of this continent sized country has stopped there. But believe me the journey so far has taken me through some of the most amazing terrains I have ever seen in my life. The beautiful green mountains of California; stark deserts of Arizona; flat-as-pancake plains of Texas and New Mexico; Ruins of an ancient American-Indian civilisation. The modern highways of America connects every nook and corner of the country. If you have a car and money to pay for gas you can get to any corner of the country. There is no need to walk, you just drive. It is kinda very cushy and comfortable but at the same time sometimes it can be frustrating to see so many cars on the road, when you know for a fact that America has only about 20% of India's population and 500% of India's land area. I sometimes wonder if the entire population of America is always on the road driving their cars... but anyway let us not discuss that, enjoy the pictures below.

Hills along the road to San Jose

Sea view from Big Sur Highway

Grand Canyon - in all its grandeur

Grapevine lake in Texas

Ducks in a local lake near home, Carrollton, Texas

Walnut Canyon, notice the native Indian dwelling on the hill side

Painted Desert, Arizona - beautiful natural wonder

White Rock Lake in Dallas area, beautiful aqua forte

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