Friday, June 06, 2008

Free tool to increase traffic to your blog!

One of the biggest problems that we bloggers face is the dissemination of our message to readers. Posting new articles is one thing but ensuring that it reaches the audience is completely different. RSS feeds are good but not really good enough to ensure readership. The latest trend is to send e-mail newsletters about new blogposts to targeted readers. Here is a low down on one of the most user-friendly e-mail marketing tools: Zookoda.

Zookoda is a simple, user-friendly and effective email marketing application designed for bloggers. This online tool enbables bloggers to send out blog summaries and newsletters on a periodic basis as decided by you. The summary could be despatched daily, weekly or monthly to your visitors e-mail. And the best part of Zookoda is that this service is completely free of cost.

Now wouldn't you like your blog visitors and readers to know what you are writing about in on your blog? Do you think it would make it easy for your visitors to read your posts if they were to receive a summary or sneak preview by e-mail? Would it make you feel comfortable if this process were to be automated and you don't have to bother about sending emails? If your answer is yes to any of the above questions then you must check out Zookoda and its amazing services.

For starters Zookoda helps bloggers in several ways including:
- Subscription management
- Creation of customised newsletter subscription forms for your blog.
- Helps you design aesthetically appealing newletters
- Create and Schedule newsletter despatches from your blog in your required frequency
- Get reports on the progress of your newsletter - you will get a low down on subscriptions, bounces, unsubscribed etc
- The newsletters can be sent to mobile users too.

Do all these facilities sound interesting and do you want to get a head start in promoting your blog? It is fairly simple just visit Zookoda and follow the instructions online.

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