Friday, June 06, 2008

The official truth about Iraq War is finally out!

I had written about the high price the world has to pay for America's foolish war on Iraq. In that article I had speculated whether the price that America and the rest of the world had to pay for a war was worth it to satiate the ego of one man. And now five years after the war was declared and flattened an entire nation throwing the lives of millions into limbo a high-profile US Senate panel has released a report which states that President Bush and his associates built up a false case for war against Iraq.

According to the report President Bush, vice president Cheney and many others were involved in creating a systematic and exaggerated propaganda about Saddam Hussein's links to Al Qaeda, the stock of weapons of mass destruction, nuclear bombs in Iraq etc. These blatant lies misled not only the US congress but also the people and made them suppor the war. I came to know about this Senate Panel report in today's front page story of Dallas Morning News.

The 170-page report accuses president Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and other top officials of repeatedly overstating the Iraqi threat in the emotional aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks. The report has been endorsed by all eight committee Democrats and two Republicans, Sens. Olympia Snowe of Maine and Chuck Hagel of Nebraska.

The report is not only about Iraq, it also talks about alleged US attempts to destabilise Iran by pitting one faction against other. Apparently there were meetings of high-profile Pentagon officials in Rome and Paris where they deliberated about ways and means to destabilize the government in Iran. Pentagon officials studied the internal rivalries inside Iran wanted to set up a "Iranian hit" team which would target U.S. troops in Afghanistan. This is the US government itself wanting to kill their soldiers, can they get any more cruel and selfish?

It makes me wonder whether the speculations that the terrorists in North-East India being funded by CIA are true? After reading this confirmed report I wouldn't be surprised if it were US which is funding the Kashmir terrorists too, by proxy through Pakistan. It seems as if US doesn't want any country to prosper or become powerful, economically, militarily or otherwise. If it seems imminent there will be efforts to create internal strife in the country or a war will be declared. Will this trail of blood for oil and power ever end? Can the US not think of a situation where the entire world prospers and there is no hunger, poverty or civic disturbance in the world?

Historically the British used the "Divide and Rule" policy to conquer the world and plunder its riches for their own benefit. America seems to be following their example in a bid to retain its sole economic, political and military super-power status in the world. I wonder if US thirst for oil, wealth and power will ever be satiated?

Doesn't President Bush deserve to be impeached?
In 1998 President Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives for moral trupitude because of the Monica Lewensky and Paula Jones scandals. Compared to the widespread destruciton that President Bush's actions has wrought upon the world, Clinton's actions were relatively harmless and of a personal nature. But there is no word or even whisper about impeachment of President Bush.

  • Is it because the majority of those killed, impoverished and suffering are not Americans?
  • Is it because destruction has been heaped upon Iraq and not America?
  • Or is it because America doesn't care for their own soldiers fighting and dieing in Iraq because of the blatant lies of their president?

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