Friday, June 06, 2008

Social Spark - the latest blog marketing community

I started blogging couple of years ago and since then I have dabbled with several online marketing and other schemes trying to generate revenue out of my blogs and online enterpises. Success rate has not been very high but finally I found this novel concept of online social marketing community SocialSpark, which acts as a bridging paltform between advertisers and bloggers.

The concept behind SocialSpark is simple and straight forward. On one side there are advertisers who want their message passed on to potential customers and on the other side there are bloggers who write about subjects of their choice and communicate with readers. The advertisers want to reach the readers and offer sponsored posts which bloggers take up and communicate the formers message to the reader. This way the blogger receives compensation for his efforts and the advertiser successfully gets his/ her message across to the right audience.

The first wave in social marketing was that of advertising in print, television and online. Then came the wave of public relations in which advertisers got news coverage in media. But the latest wave is in in the blogosphere where bloggers act as opinion leaders and convey advertisers messages to people. I think this is here to stay and SocialSpark will be remembered as the pioneer company in this sphere.

I signed up for SocialSpark and am now making some money online doing something I like the most, blogging. I am quite sure soon I will be able to supplement my income thanks to SocialSpark. Believe me this has been one of the simplest sign up processes and customer love is always to help in all possible ways. Check out social spark and you will not be disappointed.

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