Friday, June 13, 2008

Laugh too much in Australia and you could land in jail

This might sound incredulous but this what happened to one Chris Cocker in Blackburn, Australia. According to a new report on Times of India Cocker was enjoying himself watching a television comedy show on BBC and he laughed so much that he fell off the sofa. The fall created quite a flutter and the noise annoyed the neighbors who complained to the police. And guess what the police did? They promptly arrived and tried to arrest Cocker. When he refused to go with them, the cops used a pepper spray to subdue him and put him behind bars for a night.

I continue to be wonder struck by the actions of people across the world. Private space or rather private insulated-from-everything space is so important to people that they are willing to knock the doors of law enforcers if someone even makes little noise in their vicinity. I hope this kind of rules and law wont come into force in India, if it does... there wont be enough prisons to house arrested "trouble makers".

Strange are the ways of the world indeed.

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