Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cattle - Texan's favourites

Texans love for cattle is obvious by the several ranch and related sculptures installed all over the metroplex

One thing I must say about Texas and the state's cowboys and cowgirls is their demonstrated love for bovines, both in terms of raising them and eating them. There are innumerable steakhouses in the state and all of them seem to be doing well. There are several cattle ranches which raise the globally famous Texas Long Horns for meat and dairy. But something I enjoy looking at are their continued patronage of cattle even after the place has become completely modernised.

In several locations across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex I have seen sculptures of cattle installed. The most famous is of course the one installed in the Pioneer Cemetery in downtown Dallas. Then there are the beautiful stone/ stucco sculptures in the Trinity River Park, beside Trammell Crow Lake. The latest one to catch my attention is this sculpture pictured above and below of a raging bull installed infront of a mall in Frisco. This is installed close to the Frisco Bridges which was the original route of cattle drives from Oklahoma to Texas and back couple of centuries ago. Now all the area has been urbanised and modern transport systems have been established, but these sculptures evoke a sense of nostalgia and make us ponder over the past.

This sculpture of a raging wild bull is installed amidst a manicured lawn on Preston road in Frisco city, Texas

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