Wednesday, March 24, 2010

India's Bio Weapons

Biological weapons have been used by several nations in the past, most notably by late Saddam Hussein against his own people (Kurds). The weapons were toxic nerve gas that caused permanent tissue damage to those who inhaled it. There was never a bio weapon that is non-toxic. But now there is one such weapon... Thanks to India's innovative scientists. I read a news report on MSN that for once praises India's efforts in this direction.

Chilli powder has always been used as a weapon by women to fight off assailants, because it was easily available at home and of course easy to use. But to think of actually converting this into a weapon.. that too a small thumb sized gadget is simply great. Once again Indian scientists have proved their mettle by coming with an innovative gadget.

This move will hopefully give a boost to the economy in the North Eastern states of India where there are more terrorist organizations than anywhere else in the country. Hopefully terrorists will be flushed out and imprisoned and common people allowed to go about their lives peacefully.

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