Tuesday, March 23, 2010

US taking baby steps towards providing public healthcare...

Last year around this time there were numerous articles in the US newspapers about how Indian public healthcare system is in shambles and can't take care of its people and how Indian private healthcare facilities is being used by Americans who can't afford health insurance here. But a little later a few months later when newly elected president Obama started talking about healthcare reform the same journalists started criticizing it.

After much arguing and fighting between Democrat and Republican parties the healthcare reform bill was finally signed by President Obama. This will hopefully usher in a new era of affordable healthcare for everyone in the country. I am quite sure it will be slow and perhaps painful process but hopefully the progress will be steady and there will be a day when nobody in this country will have to run to some third world country like India or China to get their hearts operated upon because they can't afford to get it done in their own country.

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