Friday, March 26, 2010

Russian Tightrope Village

I watched a video about the universal pastime of a Russian Village on Bing. The video shows how a poor village has transformed itself into a prosperous model even though they don't have any land to cultivate or grow food crops. The village set amidst mountains has a secret formula. Its residents are tight rope walkers and that is how they make their living. At one time they were considered the best team in the whole of Soviet Union.

What interested me in the video particularly was the fact that this village though set in one of the developed nations and former super powers of the world, the infrastructure seems to be similar to villages in India. People don't seem to be as rich as one would expect. Probably this is because of socialistic economy. There are remote rural locales in India where people use frozen rivers (Zanskar, Lakakh), Burma Bridges, tight rope, etc, but these were are tools for survival. Unfortunately the people in Indian villages never thought of marketing their skills else I am pretty sure those villages could have developed too.... and once developed I am sure the skills that brought them the prosperity would have been forgotten.

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