Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boston Healing Through Prayers

One thing about America whenever there is a great calamity people gather together in the church and pray. The prayers will comfort the living affected and the relatives of those who succumbed. This kind of religious outlook is good for the society and keeps everyone together. At a time like this people don't think whether he is Jew, protestant, baptist or Methodist or catholic or even whether it is a Hindu or someone else who is hurting... everyone gathers in the Church and prays.

President Obama who visited the memorial and prayer service at Boston was quoted in MSN saying "You will run again!" That is nice, coming from the President.

Looking at the same scenario in Bengaluru, India where blasts rocked the city yesterday, the politicians are still playing the blame game and trying to find the culprits. No mention has been made about the people affected and killed. Nothing at all. It is pathetic to see so much apathy. I know few people directly affected by the blast and they are definitely not being comforted the way people here are doing it. It is business as usual in India because this kind of bombings are common and have been happening for the past three decades.

Wonder when these sick minded cowards who perpetrate such attacks will be eliminated from the face of the earth.

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