Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston to Bangalore - Suffering Terrorism

The Boston Marathon suffered some serious calamities due to bomb blasts. Now it is the turn of Bangalore, one of the most peaceful cities in India until recently. Not anymore. It is becoming a hotbed of terrorism and other nefarious activities, thanks to indiscriminate population growth and development secondary to the IT boom.

This time the blast was politically motivated, targeted at the only political party that somewhat sympathizes with the majority community of the nation. Cowardice of the perpetrators comes to fore once again in the modus operandi of the entire operation. The similar pattern of keeping explosives in a motorcycle and abandoning it in some populated location. This is primarily to strike fear in the minds of public and destroying their property.

All that I can say is that these people whoever perpetrated the crimes are simply cowards, even to show their faces. They don't have the courage to stand up and fight so they indulge in covert warfare. It is time the good people of this world take matters into their hands and punish such people severely.

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