Friday, March 21, 2008

Ever heard of hitching a ride in an air craft?

Well two innovative hitch hikers actually did it. They hitched a ride in an airline. Two members of the Vilinius Hitch-Hiking Club, Lithuania, made history on March 19, 2008 by being the first to air-hitch. In this photo you may see VHHC's members Augustas Kligys and Katja Lachman beside "hitched" aircraft. They members hitched a ride ride from Iquitos to Lima in Peru. Members of the VHHC have been hitchhiking in South America for the first time in VHHC's history. It was the 5th continent on the club's account. So far no one has hitchhiked in Australia and Antartica. I am pretty sure some members are already planning to hitch rides in these continents down under and create history in travelling.

Best Lithuanian Traveller of the Year 2007
Winners of best Lithuanian traveller of the year 2007 contest were announced on March 20, 2008 and guess what. Most of the awardees are HITCH-HIKERS! The first prize winner is a member and former vice-president of VHHC, Augustas Kligys. Currently on the road travelling with Katja Lachman in South America. This traveller was already elected as the best traveller of VHHC in 1997 and traveller of the decade (1996-2006) of the club based on the number of kilometres, covered hitchhiking.

I believe a similar award must be instituted in India too, but should include several categories such as most peaks summitted in Himalayas, most distance trekked, most kilometers travelled on motorcycle etc. The format and methodology of selecting people for the award can be arrived at once a core group comes together to manage and sponsor the award.

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