Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rainy day after sunny day!

I wonder what's happening to the weather in this city. Ten days ago it snowed, enough to cover up homes and cars and make roads slippery. Then it turned bright and sunny and up until yesterday it was fantastic weather. I was roaming around attired in just a jeans and a T-shirt. But today, it has been a completely sun-less day. I didn't see a ray of sunlight the entire day, it was cloudy and punctuated by incessant rains.

The rains were accompanied by heavy gusty winds, lightning and thunder. This is one city where I haven't seen proper weather in the past few months of living here. My friend Jo Ann Holt was supposed to attend the board meeting of Dallas Press Club and she writes to me saying the rains floodded downtown area and the meeting was cancelled. Strange, indeed the ways of weather in Dallas area. I shall wait and watch out for better weather in the coming days of spring and summer.

Since I was holed up at home most of the day because of the rains I didn't shoot any pictures or meet any interesting people. Will hopefully post something interesting tomorrow, till then, bye.

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