Monday, March 17, 2008

My experiments with poetry

I have been essentially a prose person and had not really attempted serious poetry. But my association with poetry groups and reading of anthologies made me feel like attempting one. And appended below is the result. Your comments are invited.

The essence of a woman

The world says
Difficult it is
To understand a woman,
She is so full of contradiction;

The world says a woman is full of
Vanity, jealousy, greed and ego
Her mind full of unsatiated desires
for wealth, comfort, luxury and lavish lifestyles.

The woman charms
and makes you swoon
she has the skills and tricks
to lure, seduce, attack and conquer
to make or break homes and nations.

But I believe that a woman is
A large bowl full of love
Overflowing with compassion,
Love, caring and giving

For my mother, sister, friend and wife
Are all women who have enriched my life!
With hearts full of sweetness,
Voice so soothing and delicate
Face full of smiles that make troubles melt

Giving till it hurts is what women do,
Only to get hurt and accused
Of ulterior motives and wrong intentions
The kindness and tender feelings
That only a woman can give
Are usually unrecognized

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