Thursday, March 20, 2008

Money found in drainage

Ever heard of money being found in drains? Well it is unbelieveable but true and it happened in Israel where a sewage treatment plant workers found about 7,000 shekels currency all in 200 shekel bills. The bills stank of sewage but who cares, money is money and the find became national news and even attracted global media coverage.

Reading about the incident on Dallas Morning News I wondered who the money belonged to. Whether it belonged to an individual who lost it or some criminal who flushed it down the drain to avoid capture. But 7,000 shekels is a lot of money, about US$2,000 to be precise. A sum that could probably create livelihoods for few people in sub-Saharan Africa or even in India.

I wonder how people just throw money like that. It only shows absolute contempt for money. Hope whoever flushed it down the drain is regretting the action.

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