Sunday, March 16, 2008

Snow in Texas

Those of you who have read my earlier blogs will remember my rants and complaints about erratic and crazy weather in Texas. Well the weather continues to be erratic and there has been no changes except that days are getting warmer and sunnier. I don't need to wear a heavy jacket everywhere I go, in fact some days are so warm that I can head outdoors in just a thin T-shirt. But then like I said Texas weather is erratic and suddenly out of the blue the first week of March we had snow. Yes! you heard it right, it snowed in Dallas area in March first week.

View of the green belt and homes behind our apartment.

I am pretty it was not a freak snow fall because we had snow fall twice, the second greater than the first. I was wondering what the hell it is, in Bangalore, summer would have set in by now and people would be reaching out for Air conditioners and heading out for holidays in the hills. But here it is snowing and children wearing mittons, ear muffs and heavy woollen jackets are creating snowmen and playing snow ball throwing matches. I took this opportunity to shoot a few pictures of snow in Dallas area. Look around and enjoy and if you have something to say, don't hesitate to leave a comment.

This SUV was almost completely covered by snow, not quite submerged but enough snow to cause inconvenience.

The apartment lawn and buildings completely covered by a carpet of snow.

Feeling curious I visited the iron horses in Plano again and guess what, they were grazing on snow-covered grass... or should I say "grass flavoured ice-cream".

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